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International Baking, Recipe Development, & Recipes Course

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    I'm hoping you took the time to read the disclaimers on the main page. When signing up for the course, members have immediate access to all course content. Because of this, I'm unable offer refunds.

    Please read or review disclaimers below!

  • Flexible three monthly  payments of $283.00 USD

  • Instant Access to the 4 module International Course

  • Done For You  Worksheets 

  • Done For You Base Recipes and Bobby & Bambi's Recipes 

  • Community Support

  • Recipes are in US measurements. 

  • Decorating is not covered in the course.

A thoughtfully made 4 module course where you will learn how to create allergy free dog treat recipes, develop recipes, and gain access to Bobby & Bambi's Recipes.


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Please read!



This course is an investment and I want to be as transparent as possible so there are no surprises. Since you will have immediate access to all contents in the course, I am unable to offer refunds. Please consider the points below before signing up for the course! 



(1) Since I'm not familiar or from your wonderful country, I am unable to know what ingredients are available to you! Please make sure you're able to purchase the following flours in your country: All-purpose gluten-free flour (no added gums), brown rice flour, chickpea/garbanzo flour, and tapioca flour/starch. The course does provide flour substitutions, but since we didn't work with the substitution flours I am unable to give any advice on trouble shooting. Soft baked goods, like cakes, do contain eggs. If you're looking for eggless recipes, please know members will need to modify recipes on their own.


Our recipes are professional recipes that have been developed and "tried and true" in our dog bakery for years. These are included into the course pricing.To keep the course at the current pricing, I am unable to customize, rework or modify recipes for each individual member. This is because reworking and customizing recipes requires a lot of time and trial and error. 


You certainly don't have to be an experienced bakery, but if you're not, I recommend practicing baking and recipe modification before signing up.



(2) Bobby & Bambi's signature recipes are fruit, vegetable, and nut butter based. We didn't incorporate any animal proteins (chicken, beef, etc) in our recipes. This will be up to members to recipe develop on their own. We do incorporate eggs in our soft baked goods like cakes.



(3) Recipe ingredient measurements are in US customary (Cups, TBS, tsp, etc). In Bobby & Bambi's recipe vault, I did add some metric measurements for fruit ingredients. For flours I found different manufacturers have different gram measurements for the same type of flours. I was worried if I added metric units, the recipes would be off and don't want to cause any confusion. 



(4) Please note, decorating is not covered in the course. This is because 

we purchased the frosting/icing as a wholesale ingredient in the United States. Shipping is very expensive these days and I didn't want to add decorating if it's not worth having the icing/frosting shipped to your country. I would feel awful if a members aren't able to benefit from the decorating module.



(5) The course contains both text and videos. All of the information is delivered in English. I'm so sorry Kartra (this course hosting platform) doesn't have an automatic translator. I hope they add this feature in the near future. Again, I apologize for this!


**  Recipe development takes a lot time, effort, and a lot of hard work.

I provide members with Bobby and Bambi's recipes, but when it comes to substitutions or reworking our recipes it's up to the member to perfect ingredient ratios on their own. This is because when one changes a recipe (even a little) it's considered a brand new recipe. I often receive questions asking me how much flour to add to a reworked recipe. I'm unable to answer a question like this without making the recipe myself because the recipe ingredient ratios have changed. Also, recipes reacts to one's kitchen environment.



Since the course doesn't offer refunds, please consider all points above and read direct support below before signing up for the course. 


Because of these factors, I priced the course at a special price. Now, let's look at the offers!

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